Wellness Summary


Boone County Schools continue to move forward in their progress towards positive student and staff wellness.
Boone County employees can now register and start to participate in the StayWell Health Plan and the current program starts on 1/1/22. StayWell offers an extensive health library, health coaching, and wellness challenges.
All district office staff members are invited to participate in the wellness initiatives that were started in January 2019. To date, there are now 60 participants a part of the Boone4Health group.

Last January was the official start of Wellness Wednesday - a designated day to get up and move for 5 minutes each hour. This past fall is when Fitness Fridays were added, and starting in January 2020 there was a new addition of Move-IT Monday. Several of our schools have followed suit with student led healthy initiatives.  We are truly impacting the health of our school district team!

Boone County has prided itself this year on the growth and distribution of meal accessibility to all of its students. During this time of uncertainty, our Food Service department has implemented an online portal which has allowed parents the ability to order a bulk of meals provided by each school’s cafeteria to feed the students of the entire district. The department took it even further by taking the time to advertise the online forms in various languages including Spanish, French, Arabic and more to ensure no household was left out. This increase in accessibility to meals saw a rise in the amount of students that were being fed, insuring that every student would have the same opportunity as others to eat regardless of their status. Diversity in the county is widespread amongst our schools and we look to make sure that all of our students are provided the same opportunity as others. 

All Hands In

Nutrition and Physical Activity Report Card

Every year a survey is sent to the wellness contacts provided by each school to report what programs are offered for wellness at their school, compliance within USDA regulations, and highlights they would like to provide. While this year looks a little different due to COVID-19 regulations and safety protocols, below is a summary of the results from the survey provided by the wellness teams that our schools are still working towards providing for our students this year.

All schools have established a wellness committee and will hold regularly scheduled meetings to collaborate on wellness initiatives in their communities. When they meet, some topics that are discussed or will be discussed are plans for walk-a-thons in the spring, field days towards the end of the school year, and the health curriculum for the students.