School Breakfast Program

Studies consistently show that eating a nutritional breakfast is associated with improved academic performance, behavior, attentiveness, and overall health.  The School Breakfast Program (SBP) aids schools to provide children with an energy-packed meal every day.  Functioning in the same manner as the National School Lunch Program, the Federal Government provides reimbursements to schools for meals that comply with the USDA’s nutritional standards.   Free or reduced-price breakfast is available to eligible children so all children have the opportunity to thrive in the classroom. More information about SBP can be found by clicking the purple SBP icon to the left.

Breakfast meals served in 2021-2022



National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was established to provide nutritionally balanced school lunch meals at a low cost to children each school day.   Eligible children may receive meals at a free or reduced price. The program reimburses schools with federally-funded dollars for meals that comply with the USDA’s nutrition standards.  NSLP operates in Kentucky public schools, public charter schools, nonprofit private schools, and residential child care facilities.

We offer: whole grain rich breads, crackers, pastas, breading on entrees

low fat/ low sodium chicken, beef, pork, cheese, vegetarian/ other entrees

vegetable varieties: dark green, red/orange, starchy and legumes

variety of local fresh and canned fruits

fat-free and 1% milk options

limited sodium and fats in meals, zero trans fats

age-appropriate calorie ranges with portion controlled serving sizes

More information about NSLP can be found by clicking the purple NSLP icon to the left.

lunch meals served in 2021-2022



Summer Food Service Program

During the school year, nutritious meals are available to students through the NSLP and SBP; however these programs stop with the end of the school year.  The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federal program made available to eligible areas to ensure that children receive nutritious meals throughout the year.  This program merges summer activity programs with a federal meal reimbursement program. The Summer Meal Program provides free meals to kids 18 years and younger in many locations across the country regardless of income, race, sex, religion, or nationality. More information about SFSP can be found by clicking the blue SFSP icon to the left.

summer meals served in 2021-2022