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Events in Our District


National School Lunch Week and National School Breakfast Week

Every year, all schools in the Boone County School District participate in the School Nutrition Association nationwide events called National School Lunch Week (NSLW) and National School Breakfast Week (NSBW). These events help cafeterias bring awareness to the delicious variety of foods that the cafeteria offers during meal service and helps to increase participation in our program. This year during NSLW, we hosted a friendly competition between grades at each school to see who could increase their participation numbers over the whole week. Overall, high school participation increased from an average of 41% to an average of 46%, middle school participation jumped from an average of 52% to an average of 61%, and elementary school participation grew from 53% to an impressive 63%! We call that a success!

Samplings, Events, and National Food Holiday Celebrations

Our cafeterias are staffed by some of the most creative minds you'll ever meet. Over the course of the year, each school will be hosting an event to either sample new menu products, support an event in their school, or celebrate a national food holiday. These events are a fun way to highlight menu items we can provide for our students and a great way to get feedback so we know how to improve our menu in the future. Ballyshannon Middle School was the winner of an Izze drink promotion which scored them an IZZE cooler to help out at the registers. They ROCK!

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